21 Mar

CRISPY DOSA……Here I am sharing a very useful, all in one batter by which you can make crispy dosa,  masala dosa, paniyaram / appo, uttappam ( for uttapam don’t spread the batter), onion Uttappam ( add onions to batter)…  🙂


•3 cups raw rice
•1 cup urd dal
•1 tsp methi seeds
•One fistful thick pova/beaten rice
Oil or ghee to drizzle
1 tsp sugar
Salt to taste


▪Soak rice ,methi, urddal for 5 hours,
▪wash pova and  grind all together to fine thick batter…
▪Ferment this and add sugar and salt as needed to make dosa..
▪Heat dosa griddle well,now spread  3/4 laddle dosa batter as thin as possible now drizzle oil / ghee on sides and make dosa (cook on medium flame for more crispyness)…..
▪Enjoy with chutney or anything of your choice………Happy cooking 🙂

*sugar should be added only for making crispy and masala dosa, this adds nice colour and crispyness to dosas..


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Posted by on March 21, 2016 in BREAKFAST RECIPES, DOSAS


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