19 Mar

Malvani cuisine is the standard cuisine of the Konkan region of Maharashtra and Goa, and some northern parts of West Karnataka…..
   Malvani masala is blend of many whole spices which are dry roasted along with dry coconut or fresh coconut ,then made into powder…I have heard some telling that Nagkesari and stone flower important ingredients in this masala….
   Here I have skipped nagkesari as I didn’t have it in my pantry….if you have you can add it 1/2 tsp while roasting …
  Usually this recipe is prepared with chicken and served along with Malvani vade which is made with ragi flour and wheat flour dough which are rolled to pooris and then deep fried…
   Here I have replaced chicken with boiled eggs….Recipe is as follows


• 6 boiled eggs
• 1 tsp gingergarlic paste
•1 tej patta
•1/2 piece cinnamon
•1 big onion sliced
• Salt to taste
• 1 tblsp oil
Malvani Masala powder
(Dry roast all till a good aroma ,you can store this masala powder )
• 3/4 tsp Jeera
• 1/2 tsp shah jeera
• 11/2 tblsp coriander seeds
• 1 piece cinnamon
• 6 cloves
• 4 green cardamom
• 2 big elaichi (badi elachi)
•1tsp stone flower
•1/2 star aniese
• 1 tsp pepper corns
• 11/2 tsp poppy seeds/ kus kus
• 8-10  redchilliesdry
•1/2 tsp  turmeric
•3/4 – 1/2 cup dry coconut(kopra)


▪ Dry  roast all ingredients mentioned under making of malvani masala,cool this and make powder from it or grind using water to fine masala paste
▪Heat kadai add oil, tej patta,cinnamon, onions fry till transluscent, add  ginger garlic paste fry for a minute
▪ Add masala ,salt cook covered till oil oozes add boiled eggs cook for sometime and enjoy…


*If u want to add chicken then add marinated chicken(for Marination use salt , gingergarlic paste and turmeric  for 30 minutes ) before adding masala and saute well ,when chicken is cooked 3/4 then add masala…
*For chicken curry you can add more chillies according to taste
*if you use powdered malvani masala,the texture of masala will be different, here I have used ground masala paste…
*some use fresh coconut,hing powder also


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