06 Mar

This can be served for breakfast,kitty parties or taken in lunch boxes….it doesn’t need any accomplishment as it contains all spices in it….. or U can have this with any chutney or kurma or with curry…..
Here I have grind methi /fenugreek leaves so no one can say methi is used in it…..its a good protein, fiberous source of green leafy veggies which are avoided by kids or elders due to bitterness quality….so this is one of the better way to make them eat this….And even wheat is also good in fiber,vitamins,carbohydrates, protein and minerals….so both together,here is a very healthy recipe for you..

•2 cups wheat flour(I have taken multigrain atta)
•2 tsp rice flour
•1/2 cup Fenugreek leaves
•1 tsp Jeera
•2 tsp coriander leaves
•2 spring curryleaves
•2 green chillies
•1 tsp oil
•Water to knead dough


▪ Heat a pan add oil and add Jeera, greenchillies, coriander leaves, curry leaves, methi leaves  just wilt awhile in oil ,cool and grind this to a paste
▪Add this to a wide bowl , remove excess paste sticking to mixer jar using water add this water to the bowl..
▪to this add salt, wheat flour and rice flour,mix to a soft dough
▪rest this dough covered for 15 minutes
▪ make small balls and flatten to pooris dusting wheat flour…
▪Serve hot…

* Adjust wheat flour according to necessity


Methi masala poori


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