04 Mar

     Saag in Punjabi is nothing but all green leafy veggies….cooked together or pureed for preparing a side dish to rotis…
MURG SAAGWALA /chicken Saagwala is nothing but chicken cooked in spinach or palak puree along with mild spices in it using onion and tomato mixture…
This thick curry is a authentic recipe where less spices are used, goes very well with any flat breads or any flavoured rice…..
A very healthy and interesting recipe which is very easy ,quick and too delicious:)…. This curry is made using very little spices but the end product is just mouthwatering …
   Greens play an important role in both adults and growing children as it’s very much rich in vitamin,iron ,protein,calcium…. A balanced deit demands a cup of freshly cooked greens,so by this way you can make the non eater of this veggie eat this… now a days even all kids are very selective about eating so if we want to include this green in their deit then this recipe is a best as chicken is used with spinach puree…
  When I tried this I too was not sure about the taste because of very less spices and ingredients ….but at the end,I was surprised with the taste and the texture of the curry….so do try and enjoy……
Recipe courtesy : Chef Mrs Vijay Lakshmi Reddy..I love all her recipes it’s so perfect and easy to cook,Thanks to her☺…


• 3/4 kg Chicken /Mutton
• 4 tblsp oil (or less)
• 2 medium onions chopped
• 4 tsp ginger garlic paste
•2 medium tomatoes chopped
•2 tsp chilly powder ( acc to individual  taste )
•1/2 tsp turmeric
• 2 tsp coriander/dhania powder
•4 large bunches palak /spinach
•1 tsp ghee /butter
•1 tsp fresh cream
•Salt as per taste


▪ first clean and wash chicken, marinate with salt and turmeric for 30 minutes
▪ wash palak,add this in a vessel add little water,a pinch salt , a pinch soda (optional )  and blanch this for 3-4 minutes…. cool and make puree using water in which it was boiled… (puree must be thick not watery)
▪Now let’s start the process
Heat a kadai ,add oil heat well add onions fry till transluscent, add ginger garlic paste fry till raw smell disappears
▪Add in tomatoes a pinch of salt (this helps to soften tomatoes fast)cook for 2 minutes
▪Add in chilly powder, turmeric,dhania powder saute well till mixed.
▪Now add palak puree cook this awhile
▪Add chicken saute well cook closed till 3/4 done
▪Add salt(check and then add as chicken has it) cook till done
▪At the end add ghee mix and serve garnished with fresh cream…
▪serve hot with Flat breads…

* you can replace chicken with mutton but make sure that mutton is cooked in prior as mutton takes time to get cooked.
*a tip on cream…to prepare fresh cream at home , take the Malai or cream formed on milk top,add two drops of milk and beat this well till smooth with a help of spoon….A thick cream is ready within minutes
*If you need thiner curry add little more water add boil well,but this tastes awesome if remains thick
*it’s a mild spiced curry so if you like can add greenchilles or chilly powder to the recipe
*if desired can sprinkle a tsp of garam masala at the end as suggested by chef but I didn’t add here…



Saagwala chicken

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