02 Mar

  Who don’t love carrot HALWA isn’t it?… This is very easy to prepare when compared to other desserts or sweets,but takes along time to get ready as it needs to be sauted along time in medium flame till soft and thick…in this method the HALWA tastes heavenly…
Now here i am sharing  a easy and quick way of preparing GAJAR HALWA by pressure cooking, skipping the long traditional processes….,
  In this processes also the gajar halwa tastes equally good when compared to our traditional method…
  So give this  method a try and enjoy HALWA when desired…


•1 cup grated carrots
•1/2 cup  milk
•1 tsp cardamom powder
•2-3 tblsp sugar  (use according to your sweetness)
•1 tblsp ghee
•Cashews and Rasins as needed
•Few saffron strands (optional )


▪Heat pressure cooker add in grated carrots,milk give a good mix and close lid and put the weight and cook for 5-6 whistles,
▪Leave this to cool ,when cooled add sugar according to taste, and boil till moisture is evaporated  (don’t make too dry),
▪Add cardamom powder, ghee, cashews and rasins, mix well and cook few seconds ….
▪ add kesar at the end but this is completely  optional…
▪Enjoy this cold or hot or with ice cream ..


* Traditional method of Gajar halwa recipe click here to see the process
* can add  khoya for making it more rich
*can add chopped badam, pista



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Posted by on March 2, 2016 in DEESERTS OR SWEETS


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