18 Feb

KHARA MELAGU PONGAL….A most popular breakfast recipe from Tamil Nadu….This also served as prasada in some of the South Indian temples…
   This is rich in proteins and carbohydrates as green gram dal is used…. To make this dish more delicious serve this with a dollop of ghee and Raitha …
Recipe is as under

•1 cup moongdal /green gram dal
•11/2 cup rice
•1 tblsp ghee
•6 cups water

•1 tsp mustard seeds
•1/4 tsp asafoetida(hing)
•1 tsp cumin /jeera seeds
•5 greenchilles slit
•1 tsp  pepper corns
2 sprig curryleaves
•10  cashewnuts split
•1/2tsp turmeric powder
•1tsp freshly crushed pepper corns
•1 tblsp freshly finely chopped  ginger
•A few strings coriander leaves chopped
•1/2 cup fresh grated coconut
•2 tblsp ghee/clarified butter
•Salt to taste
▪In a pressure cooker add ghee, heat this and fry washed and drained moongdal, till a good aroma comesout of it,
▪Now add in washed and drained rice to it and fry a minute. Add six cups water,add salt as needed and cook for three whistles…
▪Now prepare a seasoning, for this take a large vessel, heat ghee and add seasoning ingredients one by one as mentioned above except coconut
▪Add already cooked rice and dal,coconut add required amount of water and cook for three minutes
▪Serve with extra dollop of ghee for extra taste,it’s completely optional …


* This dish must not to be too watery or too dry, as per recipe the consistency can make or break the dish
*Always use salt and spice according to  individual taste…
*Recipe courtesy Chethana Gopal



Khara MELAGU pongal


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