14 Feb


Bimbli is nothing but tree sorrel….Averrhoa bilimbi (commonly known as bilimbi, cucumber tree, or tree sorrel) is a fruit-bearing tree of the genus Averrhoa, family Oxalidaceae. It is a close relative of carambola tree…..
   Bimbli is used in making curries,pickles and chutneys….
     Here I am sharing a recipe of pickle from tree sorrel which can’t be stored for not more then 5 days if kept outside but if refrigerated can be preserved and used for along time….
So I make this in small batches and enjoy…
Recipe is as follows


•25 Bimbli
•25 Red chillies(I have used both byadagi and parrekal)
•2 pinch turmeric powder
•11/2tsp fenugreek/methi seeds
•2 tsp full heaped musturd seeds
•aesofotida/hing a small channa size
•2 tblsp Gingily oil(or use refined oil)
•Rock salt as per taste(I have used nearly 11/2 tsp )


▪ Dry roast rock salt awhile and make powder
▪Dry roast mustard till it completely pops,remove this to bowl
▪add turmeric to the mustard bowl immediately(when mustard is warm)and mix well
▪Now to the same pan add methi seeds and fry till golden brown and add to the mustard bowl
▪Dry roast chillies
▪Now In little oil wilt hing
▪Now first make powder out of chillies then to this add fried mustard,hing , salt(preserve 1/2tsp for applying) and Methi and make fine powder
▪ Wash tree sorrel and dry this with a kitchen napkin well
▪ Cut this into round shape or long pieces it’s left to you (I have  cut long peices)
▪Apply 1/2tsp powdered salt and set aside for 5 minutes ,this leaves water
▪Heat oil well ,cool this
▪Now in a air tight container mix tree sorrel with water   and pickle powder well and add oil mix add keep outside for 3 days
▪after 3 days your Bimbli pickle is ready to eat…

* This can’t be preserved outside for more then 5 days so refrigerate this and enjoy when needed..



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