07 Feb

INSTANT DIL LEAVES DOSA…..Dil leaves are very rich source of proteins… for diabetics…
  This recipe is best alternative when there is nothing in our kitchen pantry and have no idea what to prepare for breakfast or when we are back after a vaccation or when we have to prepare instantly when guests arrive at breakfast time….
   You can Omit dil leaves if you don’t  have it,this gives a unique  flavour and taste….
  You can also add grated carrots,coriander leaves,….also nd make more healthy….

•1/2cup Dil leaves chopped finely
•1 cup rice flour
•1onion chopped
•1 chopped greenchilles
•2 pinch chilly powder ( opt)
•3/4tsp cumin seeds
•Salt as needed
•1 tblsp grated fresh coconut  (optional)
•Water as needed to prepare the batter


▪Mix all the ingredients to form a thin dosa batter without any lumps
▪heat dosa griddle well and spread the batter evenly as we do for neer dosa….
▪Apply oil and cook both sides till done
▪serve hot with coconut chutney

*cook dosa on medium flame for best results…..crispy outside soft inside…
*the dosa can be made thick or thin…
*this tastes like our masala akki roti if done thick and cooked on low flame…
*can also include grated carrots,coriander leaves chopped
*without Dil leaves also this dosa can be prepared…Happy cooking ☺


instant dil leaves dosa

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