03 Feb

  This is a popular breakfast recipe from the place Mysore in karnataka district.
    You must be thinking why this name mallige idli…..Mallige is a flower name in kannada language which is nothing but Jasmine flower,this doesn’t mean that these idlis are cooked with these flowers…..
  Here  idli are so white in colour and very soft and fluffy….just like a jasmine flower…. And henceforth the  name  Mallige Idli….
   The best combination to this idli is chutney made with roasted gram or with any spicy curry….
   I am sure all of will love the recipe,recipe is as follows….


•1 cup urd dal/split dal
•3 cups  idli rice
•1/2 tsp fenugreek /methi seeds
•1/2 cup cooked rice
•1/2 beaten rice / pova(washed before a hour of grinding )
•1/2 cup thick yogurt/curds
•Salt to taste


▪Wash and Soak urddal and Methi together for 5 hours
▪Wash and Soak rice seperately for 5 hours
▪Now first grind urddal to fine paste by adding the soaked water itself little by little at times when needed(this is very important step ,the batter of urd dal becomes fluffy only when you add water little by little at times)remove this to a container without adding any extra water .
▪Now in the same grinder grind rice , pova,cooked rice and curds to fine thick batter using soaked water little
▪Now mix both the batter in one direction
▪Leave this to ferment well,after fermentation you can see the batter has raised well
▪Add salt mix well in one direction
▪Preheat  idli stand
▪Now pour this to the greased idli moulds and steam cook 10 -12 minutes  or till done
▪Cool this awhile and remove and serve with any spicy curry or chutney
▪I have served with coriander leaves  sagu…



*don’t add sour curds,it will spoil the smell and taste..
*on summer add curds only in the morning
*during winters soda while making idlis for best results
*This tastes good with spicy prawn curry or any chicken curry..
*check coriander leaves sagu recipe here


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