27 Jan

  Niyaaz biryani is a very famous type of biryani which is very flavouful ,delicious with less masala in it…….
    This biryani you get only in Belgaum ,Gokak, kolhapur ,Goa and recently started in Banglore…….
   They are very famous for the food they provide,their chicken or mutton are very juicy and cooked to perfect…. someting different in taste which is fantastic…
     I myself a big fan of their food,when ever my family go to goa we don’t miss going there and enjoy their biryani :)…
But now we all can prepare this often at home and enjoy,no need to wait for tasting their biryani going such long distance ;)….
   All must be wondering how I got this recipe of Niyaaz….and here it is ..this recipe was shared by the owner of Niyaaz resturant Mr.Nayaz himself ,he had showen this in a famous kannada cookery show Oggarane dabbi…..Thanks alot to Oggarane dabbi Murli sir and Nayaz sir for telecasting this recipe to us ,which will surely be loved and enjoyed by all of Niyaaz Biryani Fans like me 🙂  …. 
Recipe as  follows


•1/2 kg chicken (boiler chicken with bone)
• 3 medium onions sliced
•4 tblsp thick yogurt(beaten well)
•1 tsp cardamom/elachipowder
•1tsp garammasala
•1tblsp kasurimeti
•1 tblsp oil
•2 tsp ghee
• salt to taste
•3 greenchilles
•1 whole pod garlic peeled
•2 tblsp coriander leaves chopped
•2 tblsp pudina

For making rice
(I have used tea cups for measuring rice)
•3 cups full heaped basmati rice
•2 slit greenchilles
•4 long pieces cinnomon
•8-10 cloves/lavang
•6 cardamom pods/whole elachi
•1 tsp ghee
•salt as per taste
•water for cooking the rice


▪In mixer jar grind gingergarlic and greenchilles to a fine paste
▪Deep fry onions till brown and remove on a tissue paper to absorb excess oil,  keep this ready (make 3 parts of fried onion)
▪ First in a bowl add chicken with gingergarlic and greenchilly paste, add one part of fried onions ,salt ,kasurimeti,2 tblsp yogurt,garammasala powder and elachi powder,mix well and marinate for 1 hour
▪Now wash basmati rice and soak with enough water for 30 minutes
▪Now in a wide thick vessel add 6 glass  of water and boil well to this add salt,whole garammasala like cinnamon,cloves and cardamom along with greenchilles
▪Add soaked rice with water
▪close lid and cook till 70% of rice is cooked(it takes about 5 minutes)


▪Now switchoff gas and drain water completely and set aside in a wide plate
▪Now in a thick bottom cooker pan or biryani pot ,take the marinated chicken, add oil,coriandaer leaves,pudina ,remaing curds and give a good mix and spread this mixture all around the vessel equally
▪Now spread 50% of cooked rice equally all around
▪spread one more part of fried onion ,coriander leaves,and pudina (break pudina with hands *a tip gor extra flavour)


▪now spread remaining cooked rice ,remaining fried onions and ghee


▪close this and cook on high for 5 minutes,then lower the flame and cook for 10 more minutes or till chicken is cooked…
▪check in between there may be chances of burning
▪Enjoy with raitha if you like,I had it as it as it has mild masala in it..


*This is mild in spicyness…the above stated recipe is just perfect with spice..(you can increase or decrease according to you)
*I have not used salt in between as I had added to chicken while marinating and while cooking rice so there was no need….this you need to check while you prepare
*suggested basmati rice was Belgaum Basmati but I used Dawaat..
*Original revipe is as above but I have made a slit variation of cooking chicken 50%  before after 1 hour of marination….as I was not sure of chicken getting cooked in that process so I did this way…



Niyaaz Chicken Biryani


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  1. Zubdu

    December 30, 2017 at 4:49 pm

    Please email to recipes. Thank you



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