25 Jan

   This appos are similar to other paniyaram/appo recipe but I have given it a twist… presented this in a tri colour which represents our national flag…
  You get to see a saffron colour on top ,where I have used a red chutney in the batter to get saffron ,second layer I didn’t add anything left the batter plain for represting the white colour and the third layer I have added a green chutney to represent green colour… I named it TRI COLOUR APPO…
   I am happy to share this recipe on our 67th Republic Day…..
   Recipe is as follows…


•2 cups raw rice
•1/2 cup urddal
•1/2 tsp methi/fenugreek seeds
•1/2 cup pova /beaten rice
•2 tsp channa dal(bengalgram dal)
•oil as needed


▪soak rice,methi,channadal and urd dal for 3 hrs,now grind this to fine batter along with washed pova ,ferment overnight or 7-8 hrs
▪add salt next morning mix well
▪Divide batter in 3 different containers
▪Now add red chutney as mentioned below and add to one container
▪Add green chutney(recipe mentioned below) and add to another container to get green colour batter
▪leave the third container batter as it to get white colour
▪Now heat paniyarakkal tawa well ,add oil in each compartments
▪now simmer the heat and add a tsp of saffron batter wait few seconds,add 1 tsp white batter again wait awhile and add third batter i.e green on top..
▪apply little oil on sides and close lid and cook on medium flame..
▪when they are ready,flip it and fry the other side till done
▪Enjoy with red and green chutney or with normal coconut chutney…

→To get saffron color I have used a red chutney
• 2 tbsp coconut grated
•2 tsp roastedgram/putani/hurigadale
• 2 tsp chilly powder
• 4/5 garlic flakes
•A small piece tamrind(optional)
•Salt as needed
▪ Grind all the above to fine paste using little water
▪ now mix 1 tblsp(or little more) to a batter container to get saffron colour
▪remaining chutney you can use for serving with appos..

→let one container of batter remain as it is to get white colour

→To get green colour I have used a coriander chutney
•1 cup coconut
•1/4 cup coriander leaves
•1/4 tsp ginger
▪Grind all above to a chutney consistency using little water
▪Now add 2tblsp of green chutney to the remaining batter to get green colour
▪Remaining chutney can be used as chutney while serving with appos


* The same chutneys can be added to idli batter or dosa batter to make tri colour idli or dosa or to make single colour idli or dosa… 🙂




Tri Colour Paniyaram/Appo

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