24 Jan

    Many types of cheese croquettes are tried by all of us but have you tried doing this with cooked rice ..Yes this croquettes are made using cooked rice, potatoes and of coarse with generous amount of cheese….
    This recipe is very easy and quick best evening snack when kids are back from school…
   Here I am sharing the recipe for kids so I have  added spice according to their taste,but when elders want to taste can add extra spices like chat masala,chillies chilly powder according to their taste…
  Here I have deep fried the croquettes which is not so healthy ,you can give any shapes that you like as per your kids demand
This can be shallow fried on tawa or  make small balls and fry in appe/paniyarakkal pan which is healthier option….
   I have tried doing this in appe pan which is a guilt free option,and tastes equally good…
    Recipe is as follows…


•2 boiled and mashed potatoes
•21/2 cup cooked rice(preferably overcooked rice)
•4 tsp All purpose flour/Maida
•1/2-3/4 cup milk
•2 tsp oil
•1 finely chopped greenchilles
•2 tsp coriander leaves
•3/4 cup grated cheese
•1/2 tsp pepper powder
•breadcrumbs for rolling
•oil for deep frying


▪first mash well potatoes and seperately  without any lumps or pieces in it keep it ready..( overcooked rice is best,as it gets mashed well)
▪Now heat a kadai add oil ,let this heat add all purpose flour,fry this well till a good aroma and slit colour change
▪now add milk ,see that gas flame is low while adding milk otherwise lumps will get formed
▪mix this to a thick sauce consistency(if necessary add more milk)…(this is white sauce)
▪now add salt,pepper and greenchilles give a good mix
▪now add mashed potatoes,mix well ..
▪add cheese ,cooked rice & coriander leaves mix this well for 2- 3 minutes
▪switch off gas and make desired shape
▪roll this in bread crumbs and deep fry till golden frying equally all sides
▪remove this on a absorbent paper to absorb excess oil…
▪serve hot with mayonnaise and tomato sauce..

*you can mash potatoes or grate it
*overcooked rice is best suited for the recipe
*while deep frying, once you add croquettes don’t keep on rotating it as there chances of cheese comingout…
*you can add boiled corn,chat masala,more of spices according to individual taste..



Rice Cheese Croquettes

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