08 Jan

We all must have tried almost all types of kichidis like dal kichidi , palak kichidi…etc….but have you tasted chicken kichidi or heard about it ..not yet,then you all must try this…
I love kichidis so keep on trying new recipes out of it….
This kichidi I first tasted in a restaurant of Udupi(Udupi Residency)….when I saw this in their menu I just ordered…and belive me it tasted awesome after which my menu always includes this delicious kichidi 😉 …. when ever guests,friends visited us I made them taste kichidi taking them to this resturant(as it was new dish from chicken)…..
After several tries and guessing the flavours and some help from the chef .. I discovered this recipe equal to resturant chicken kichidi…..Its very yummy …enjoy this piping hot with onion tomato raitha….
The recipe is as follows


•1 tbsp oil
•4 cloves
•1tsp shahjeera
•10 peppercorns
•3 cardamom pods
•11/2 large onions sliced
•1 cup boneless chicken pieces
•1/2 onions chopped
•1 tomato pureed
•1/2 +1/2 gingergarlic paste
•1 greenchilly chopped
•1 1/2 tsp chilly powder
•1/4tsp turmeric
•1 +1/2tsp garammasala
•1tsp dhania powder
•salt to taste
•1/4 tsp sugar
•1tblsp ghee
•water according to requirement
•4 cups cooked rice(soonamasoori/basmati)


1)Boil washed chicken with 1/2 tsp gingergarlicpaste,1/2 tsp chillypowder,salt and turmeric,cook till chicken is tennder ,cool and make shreds out of it as seen below (preserve chicken stock for latter use)


2)Deep fry onion slices and make paste out of it using water as seen in picture below


3)Now heat a wide thick bottom kadai add oil, add whole garammasala fry till it pops add chopped onions fry till translucent as seen under


4)Now add onion paste fry for 3 minutes


4)add gingergarlic paste fry awhile add all dry powders like dhania ,turmeric,chilly and garammasala powders fry well for 2 minutes….


5)add chicken shreded fry few minutes so that all flavours and masala get mixed well with chicken….


6)Now add tomato puree mix well ..


7)add greenchilles chopped,salt as per taste add water (approx3-4cups)boil (use the chicken stock)…


8)add cooked rice mix well and close lid and cook 5-8 minutes on medium flame or till the desired kichidi consistency is formed…


9)when done switchoff gas add ghee,sugar and remaining garammasala powder and close lid tightly and keep aside untouched for 10 min….mix well and enjoy this piping hot with raitha….



*I have garnished with fried onions and greenchilles
*spiciness can be reduced or increased as per individual taste(I have used everest tikkalal )chillypowder
*use 3/4 cooked rice because in later stage the rice gets further cooked…
*leftover rice can also be used…
*Use basmati rice for restaurant style..



Chicken Kichidi

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