01 Jan

       Rullav Dodakka,Rawa roti, Rullav polo are all same…. This is a konkani breakfast or evening tea time snack….
   This is an instant recipe no fermentation is required…. tastes heavenly if fried both sides on a very low flame till golden….
     There is no requirement of chutney or anything else as it is little spicy ,sweet…
    Just try this and enjoy


•2 cups Bansi rawa/ kandwa rawa
•1/2 cup fresh greated coconut
•2 fully ripe Banana(optional)
•A lemon sized jaggery or sugar
•Salt to taste
•1 tblsp wheat flour
•3 green chillies
•1/2″ Ginger(finely chopped )


▪Grind coconut,greenchillies,jaggery and salt to coarse paste
▪Soak kandwa rawa with 2 cups of water for 10 min
▪In a container mash banana well to this add coconut mixture,ginger,wheay flour mix well add rawa give a good mix(if necessary add water,the batter must look like this)


▪Heat dosa griddle and grease it with ghee or oil
▪Now spread thickly a laddle full of batter on hot tawa
▪Now see that the flame is on medium heat
▪Drizzle oil or ghee on sides and close lid and cook
▪When done flip it and cook other side till golden brown spots apper…
▪Serve with butter or enjoy without anything

*usually this are directly patted on hot tawa using hands but I have used laddle for spreading…
* banana enhances taste to this roti but this is optional
*chopped onions also can be used but don’t use banana then
*original recipe suggests 1 tblsp of buttermilk to the batter but I have not added here
*I have served these rotis with coconut chutney and fresh homemade butter….



Rawa Roti

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Posted by on January 1, 2016 in BREAKFAST RECIPES


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