22 Dec

       The other name for this andhra special curry is vankaya kura/koora or pulusu or ennegai……
      This is Andra special semi dry curry made using small verity of purple brinjals in roasted masala here brinjals are stuffed with masala and  used in curry….
     This is one version of preparing ennegai without onions…..if you want you can give a tempering of mustard and onion to the same recipe….
   This is mainly served with jowar rotis , rice roti or chapati’s or even goes well with rice….


•4 small sized purple brinjal
•7 guntur redchillies
•3 byadige chillies
•1 small piece cinnomon
•2 cloves
•1 tsp Jeera
•1 tblsp coriander seeds
•2 tbsp groundnuts
•2 tblsp white til
•6 flakes garlic
•2 tblsp dry coconut/ kopra
•1 tsp jaggery
•A small piece tamrind
•Salt àccording to taste
•1/4 tsp turmeric
•2 tblsp oil


▪Heat kadai add 1/2 tsp oil
▪Add dhania,cinnamon,cloves,cumin,redchillies and fry this till a good aroma ,remove this to a plate
▪Now in the same pan dry fry groundnuts ,remove this also to the plate
▪Now dry fry til till it pops and remove
▪Now add garlic,dry coconut fry for a second and swithoff gas let this stand for a minute in the pan
▪Now add all fried ingredients to a mixi jar along with salt, jaggery, turmeric and tamrind
▪Grind all to powder consistency first then add water and make a thick paste
▪Fill this inside slit brinjals as seen in picture and place in a plate


▪Heat kadai add remaining oil, now add stuffed brinjals and cook both sides when 3/4cooked add remaining masala water salt if required and cook till brinjals are cookedimage



Vankaya Kura


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