22 Dec

   This is a rich desssert /sweet pudding prepared mostly during ramzan or any festive occasion…..
      This kheer is similar to our regular semiya kheer/payasam but here in this recipe we use very fine semiya with thick milk,koya,ghee…
      Lots of dry fruits goes in this which makes this very rich
  This recipe is shared by my neighbour who usually prepares this to breakfast during ramzan….


•1 cup fine semiya/fine wheat noodles
•1 ltr milk
•4 tblsp ghee
•3/4 cup sugar
•2 tblsp condensedmilk
•1 tblsp khoya (optional)
•1 tsp keasar/saffron
•1 tsp rose water(optional)
•1 tsp cardamom powder/elachi powder
•Dry fruits each 2 tblsp
→Badam peeled and chopped


▪Take kesar in bowl and add  2 tsp warm milk to it
▪Heat kadai add 2 tblsp ghee fry all dry fruits in it and remove to plate
▪Now fry semiya in the remaining ghee till golden and remove to a plate
▪Heat same kadai boil milk in low flame and reduce milk to 3/4
▪Add semiya,sugar condensed milk and mix well
▪Now add khoya give a good mix
▪Now add kesar milk,rose water,elachi powder….
▪Mix and enjoy this cold or hot

*To peel almonds you can soak almonds  in warm water for 15 -20 minutes then peel it and chop lengthwise
*When you add milk to saffron you can use the boiling milk which you use in the recipe
*you can add red rose petals instead of rose water…
*Here i have garnished this dessert with few strands of kesar


sheer korma

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