22 Dec

Have you ever tried this not yet then must give this a try….This tastes and looks like paneer manchuri…. no one can say that its made from idlis….
      You can make this for evening snacks, when kids return from school or you can prepare this when guests are around or during parties…..a filling delicious recipe will be ready in a jiff……
      Prepare idlis in the moring for breakfast and make manchuris in the evening, I am sure that kids will demand idlis very often..
         Now a days kids are so fussy about eating that it becomes difficult for us…so we end up thinking what to prepare for breakfast but now you can tell your kids to have idlis in morning and their favorite manchuri will be ready in the evening when they are back from school….
    Bache bhi kush Maa bhi kush…


•Leftover Idlis chopped into cubes
•2 tblsp maida /all purpose flour
•2 tblsp cornflour
•2 pinch Salt
•1/2-1 tsp chilly powder……..mix this all except idli with water to slightly thin batter, dip idli in this and deep fry till golden and crisp,remove this on a absorbent paper to absorb excess oil

Ingredients required
•1 tblsp oil
•1 pod garlic chopped
•1 cup onion chopped
•1-2 chopped greenchilles
•1 medium capsicum cubes
•1 tsp gingergarlic paste
•1/4 tsp chilly powder
Salt a pinch or according to taste
•2 tsp soyasauce
•1 tsp vinegar
•1 tsp chilly sauce
•2 tblsp tomato ketchup
• 2 tblsp coriander leaves chopped
•spring onions chopped optional…


▪ Heat a wide thick bottom kadai on high flame, add oil,  garlic chopped fry till golden
▪Add onions,fry till translucent(let it be crunchy)
▪Add gingergarlic paste, capsicum, greenchilles, salt a pinch(as required)saute well
▪Add chilly powder, soya sauce ,vinegar,chilly sauce, tomato ketchup saute all on high flame
▪Now reduce the flame to medium and add fried idlis and coriander leaves mix this well till all the sauces are combined with idlis…

*I have used mini idlis refrigerated for an hour
*cook on high flame
*I didn’t add spring onions here
*the same recipe can be followed for sya chunks but first boil soya for 5 min and squeeze excess water from it then follow same method..


Idli Manchurian


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