17 Dec

This cookies are made using cashews,butter and all purpose flour…. A best cookie recipe for this Christmas and new year or prepare this when ever you have time and store this in a airtight jar for a week and munchon when you like…
    A delight to cashew lovers I can say.
     This recipe is adopted from my Fb friend Nandini Kini(Kinis kitchen),who is also a food blogger,thanks to her for this perfect cookie recipe…


•2 cups  All purpose flour/Maida
•3/4 cup chopped cashews
•1 cup Butter
•3/4 cup sugar powder
•A pinch salt
•1/2 tsp almond essence
•1 tblsp milk


▪Mix butter,sugar powder,salt till light and creamy
▪Add cashews chopped,essence,milk and flour
▪Mix well to a rough dough
▪Refrigerate this dough closed for about 3 hours
▪Now after 3 hours of marination make balls
▪Lightly press with your palms to get a cookie shape
▪Now take a baking tray with butter papper on it spread this cookies at a distance of 1″each(this helps to fluff the cookies well)
▪Preheat microwave at 180 degree
▪Bake this for 15- 20 minutes

*I have used vanilla extract instead of almond essence
* I have also added a pinch of cardamom powder but original recipe doesn’t hold this
*timings may varry from oven to oven…so keep watching after 15 minutes,if the below part of cookie is brown ,then its ready
*when removed immediately from oven it may appear little soft but once cooled it will be crunchy
*Cool this and enjoy or store in a airtight jar..


Cashew Cookies

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