10 Dec

  This is onepot healthy meal which is made using palak/spinach, cooked basmathi rice and some spice powder in it… it is very delicious in taste
When ever I am not keeping good health i love to eat hot kichidi,so i keep on experimenting with it…..first I had tasted this palak kichidi in a restaurant and then by guessing ingredients I made this…..its not similar to their recipe but its delicious and perfect in colour,texture ,and taste….
   This is one version of palak kichidi which I have tasted…the other version of palak kichidi is slightly differt from this recipe which i will share later here(its little spicy version)…


•1 big bunch palak(4 small bunches)washed and chopped
•5 cashews
•2 onions chopped
•1 tomato chopped
•5 greenchilles (or more)
•1 tsp shahjeera
•1 tsp garammasala
•1 tsp Oil
•1tsp ghee
•1cup basmati/ soonamasoori


▪boil water add greenchilles,cashews and 1 onion sliced boil for 5 minutes
▪Add washed palak to boiling onion mixture and give a good mix and switch off gas ,set this aside to cool
▪When cooled grind all together to puree without adding much water
▪Now heat a cooker add water 11/2 cups ,washed and soaked basmati rice, 1/2tsp ghee salt and close lid and cook for 2 whistles..
▪Now heat a wide kadai add remaining ghee and oil,add jeera fry add onion and tomatoes fry awhile
▪Add palak puree,boil well with atleast 1 cup water or more to get thick gravy consistency(when you add rice it will absorb tge moisture and becomes dry)
▪Add salt ,garammasala, mix well
▪Add cooked rice mix this well and close lid cook for 5 minutes on medium flame
▪When done drizzle ghee on top and serve


*shahjeera can be replaced by regular cumin seeds
*pepper powder can be added for more spicyness
*I have used basmati rice so have given cooking tips according to it
*You can also use leftover rice or normal rice
* you can use the boiled onion water for grinding and in the recipe other then discarding it


Palak Kichidi

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