29 Nov

   This is so easy and quick recipe of manchuri where the main ingredient is SOYA CHUNKS….
   Here all ingredients are same as we do for our regular manchuri recipe but here its in a healthy way using soya and no deep frying is done….
   This recipe can be used as a starter or sides to friedrice….
I enjoyed this with mushroom friedrice….
Give this a try…


•200gms soya chunks (mini/normal)
•1 medium onion chopped
•1 capsicum cubed
•1tsp gingergarlic paste
•1tblsp coriander leaves chopped
•1tsp tomato ketchup
•1tsp soyasauce
•1tsp greenchilly sauce
•1 tsp vinegar
•Salt to taste
•Pepper powder to taste
•1/2cup springonions greens chopped
•1/2 cup cornflour slurry
•1tblsp oil


▪conflour slurry is nothing but a tblsp of cornflour mixed in 1/2 cup water without any lumps in it..
▪Boil/heat enough water in a large vessel and shift it aside to this add soya nuggets with a1/4tsp salt and rest it for15-20 minutes you can see all soya are fluffed and are double in size now squeeze water from soya and set aside…
▪Now in a wide wok add oil,add gingergarlic paste fry awhile
▪Add in onions fry this on high flame, till translucent
▪Add capsicum,coriander leaves fry for a minute on high flame
▪Now add salt ,all sauces ,pepper powder and give a quick stir for a minute
▪Add soya chunks,mix well till its mixed with all sauces
▪Now add cornflour slurry ,spring onion greens and mix well for a few minutes,if necessary add little more water to get liquid consistency…
▪Serve garnished with few chopped spring onions and coriander leaves
▪Now healthy manchuri is ready to eat

*Here for this recipe cooking ti be done on high flame
*you can enjoy this recipe dry or in semi dry consistency
*if using for fried rice I suggest to use this in semi dry consistency..
*for mushroom friedrice see here on this link



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