29 Nov

  The advantage of this recipe is after frying gobis they stay  crisp for along time….
   Here we apply a ground batter to gobis and then deep fry it….
   One of the crispy fillters which I love is this gobi fry…


•2 cups cauliflower/gobi florets
•1/2 tsp vinegar
•1/2 cup raw rice
•2 tsp chilly powder or less
•5 flakes garlic(unpeeled)
•A gooseberry seed size tamrind
•Salt àccording to taste
•Oil for deep frying

▪Wash and soak rice for 30-60 min
▪Heat water, when hot switch off gas
▪Now to this add vinegar and  1/2tsp salt mix and add florets live for 10 minutes and then drain water using a stainer
▪ Drain water from rice and add to mixi jar along with ingredients like chilly powder,Salt and tamrind ,grind this once
▪Now add little water and grind it to fine rawa consistency like this as seen in picture


▪now apply to gobi see that the ground massla coats well like seen below….


▪refrigrate for 30 minute
▪Heat kadai with enough oil for deep frying,when its hot lower the flame to medium high and add gobis one by one and deep fry till its crisp and cooked…
▪Serve this for teatime or with meals…

*The batter must be thick otherwise you can’t coat gobis well and frying all coatings get seperated in the oil…
*This fillters stays crisp for a longer time….





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Posted by on November 29, 2015 in DEEP FRIED ITEMS(VEG), VEG STARTERS


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