27 Nov

TUPPAD DOSE /GHEE PANCAKE this is a perfect hotel style dosa which you get to eat in southindian menus….Here a generous amout of ghee is used while preparing dosa,(calorie conscious can use less)this dosa is crispy both sides but soft from inside best served with HING CHUTNEY a unbeatable combo…. see the recipe below… happy cooking 🙂

•1 cup urddal
•2 cups raw rice
•1 tblsp maida
•water as required
•1tsp sugar
•salt per taste
•ghee to drizzle
•a pinch cooking soda (optional)

▪Soak urddal and rice for 3-4 hours then grind to fine paste using water and shift to a container,close lid and keep aside to ferment…
▪now in bowl mix maida with 1/2cup water and set aside to ferment…
▪next morning throw away excess water from maida mixture and mix this to urddal batter with salt,soda and sugar mix well and rest this for 15 minutes
▪Heat dosa griddle,when hot lower the flame and pour a ladle full of batter lightly spread the batter (slightly) ▪Now you can see pores comingout,don’t close lid for a second ,now drizzle generous amount of ghee on sides and top and close lid and cook till golden
▪now flip dosa other side and cook till golden
▪serve with hing chutney or sugar…

•1 cup grated coconut, •1greenchilly
•4 redchillies
•1/2tsp oil
•generous amount of hing/asofetida
•a small piece of tamrind


▪Heat a frying pan add 1/2tsp oil,add hing when it fluffs add broken greenchilles and red chillies fry this and remove to mixer jar
▪Now to the above add coconut,salt and tamarind with water and grind to fine paste as much as possible…
▪hing chutney is ready
▪this chutney tastes awesome with idlis also…

* I have not added soda in the batter,no much difference but original recipe suggests soda in it…
*sugar gives beautiful colour and crispyness to the pancake
*Tuppa means ghee in kannada language



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