26 Nov

   Here is a time saving all purpose masala which can be used for paneer,vegetables,chicken,eggs or even for spreading on pizzas(indian way)…
     This Bhuna masala can be prepared and refrigrated and used when necessary….
   This masala can also be added to cooked dal or rajma and believe me your dal/rajma tastes awesome…..
  A quick easy and delicious bhuna masala is as follows


•1 medium onion chopped
•1 medium onion paste
•3 red medium tomatoes pureed
•1/4tsp turmeric
•1 tsp chilly powder
•1tsp dhania powder
•1/2 tsp garammasala powder
•1/4tsp cumin powder
•1 tsp gingergarlic paste
•1slit greenchilly (optional)
•1/4tsp cumin seeds
•1 piece cinnomon
•4 cloves
•1 tejpatta
•1tblsp oil
•1tblsp kasurimeti
•Salt according to taste


▪Heat a thick kadai,heat well
▪ now add oil,jeera let it fry for a second then add cloves, cinnamon,tejpatta fry again for a second
▪add onion paste,gingergarlic paste fry this for 2min
▪add onions ,greenchilly fry till onions are translucent
▪now add in all spice powders fry till dry
▪now add pureed tomatoes and cook on medium flame till oil separates(nearly8-10min)
▪atlast add kasurimeti,salt  and give a good mix .
▪Now your all purpose bhuna masala is ready to use…

*you can use the same bhuna masala to prepare dal fry,rajma, paneer….
*can add this to boiled eggs or beaten eggs,chicken ,paneer….
*to this bhuna masala you can add cashewnut paste or cream or curds to make curries but check the spice level …you may need more chilly powder..
*I use everest tikkalal chilly powder,its little spicy then other chillypowders..



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Posted by on November 26, 2015 in CHUTNEY/GOJJU, MASALA POWDER, SIDE DISH


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