24 Nov

   This one is one of the instant recipe of idli ,which can be prepared in jiff for breakfast,lunch ,dinner or during parties..
     As we all know to prepare idli it takes nearly a day which includes soaking of dal grinding, fermenting and then steaming; where in this recipe it takes not more then 30 minutes just mix all ingredients and steam cook for 15 minutes… 🙂
   This is so white in colour just like a jasmine….its soft and fluffy too…..Here the batter is made without using urddal…
    This idli goes well with spicy curries or spicy chutney, as idli is bland in taste….
   I love this idli with chicken curry….which tastes awesome!     Try this…. 🙂


•11/2 cup rice rawa(idli rawa)
•1 cup thin phova/beatenrice
•1 cup buttermilk or 3/4 cup curds/yogurt(wellbeaten)
•A pinch cooking soda
•Water   as required
•oil to grease idli moulds


▪Wash rice rawa,and drain all water out of it completely
▪Heat idli cooker and keep ready
▪Now mix curds and poha and rest it for 5 minutes
▪Add rice rawa to curds mixture,add required quantity of water to get idli batter consistency
▪Now add soda,salt mix well
▪Grease mould,add batter in it and steam idlis for 12 -15 minutes
▪Now your idlis are ready
▪This recipe yeilds 12 idlis of medium size

*let the batter be little thin (not too thin) then idli batter for best results..
*I have used thick curds for making idlis
*I used the curd which was a day old
*recipe source from a food group



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