19 Nov

       Jeev tori /thogrikayee /fresh green piegon peas is a fresh peas variety available during winter season in pods similar to green peas. Here you need to deseed the pod and use as we do for green peas…
    If you don’t get fresh tori/ fresh green piegon peas you can even use dried one….but soak overnight and pressure cook till soft thats all…
    This is a traditional recipe of konkani’s prepared on festivals or on common days too as no onion ,garlic is used…. try this simple peas curry of ours and enjoy…
* TORI is in konkani language
*TOGARIKAYEE in kannada


•1 full cup Tori
•2 potatoes
•11/2 cup fresh grated coconut
•7-8 byadagi fried red chillies
•1 small gooseberry size tamrind
•1/2 tsp mustard
•3/4tsp cumin seeds
•1spring curryleaves
•1tsp oil
•Salt according to taste


▪wash and peel potatoes and chop into cubes and put in a vessel with enough water in it
▪To this add washed tori and pressure cook for 3 whistles
▪Now grind a masala with redchillies,coconut,tamrind to paste,
▪now add 1/4tsp of raw cumin seeds and again grind to fine paste ,(jeera gives extra flavour to the curry)
▪Now mix both masala and boiled veggies together and give nice boil(use the water in which veggies are boiled to remove masala don’t use other water otherwise gravy will become watery)
▪Add salt as required
▪Now prepare a tadka/seasoning of oil, when heated add musturd when pops add remaining cumin seeds and curryleaves mix well and add to curry close lid immediately..
▪Now your konkani Jeev tori ghashi is ready to taste with rice papad and pickle…

*Dried piegon peas can be prepared in the same way but soak piegon peas overnight and then cook
*other then potato you can use yam(surnu)
*other then Tori you can use kabuli channa both (white or black)green peas,moong(green gram)..
*the consistency of curry must be little thick not watery..


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