04 Nov

Puttu is a kerala speality dish….. made from rice flour… its available in the markets now sepcially for making puttu,but you need to have the particular puttu vessel or puttu maker for making this dish ‘PUTTU’,it eill be cylindrical in shape..
But now I have found a option for it, you need not have puttu vessel instead you can cook puttu in coconut shell which is abuntly available….
  You can also steam the puttu mix in a idli steamer also….
In kerala usually they make puttu podi/powder at home itself ,very easy to make but time consuming ,lenghthy process
  Now a days puttu powder is ready available in stores ,so I prefer that…


•1cup puttu powder
•Fresh coconut gratings as much as required(white part)
•Warm Water
•Coconut shell
•Cooker pan

▪Take coconut shell and clean properly


▪Now make a hole as seen in pic , first check so that it gets inserted inside cooker nose


▪Mix water and salt and keepaside

▪Take puttu powder in a bowl and sprinkle salt water over it
Mix the powder with hands ,the consistency is very important here ,it should be st ill in the powdered form but moisture must be present in it,it shouldn’t be dry or wet
(As shown in below picture)


▪now take the coconut sheel, add 1 tblsp of grtaed coconut


▪Now add a handful of putu mixture


Now again spread liltle coconut gratings on top…
Now add water in the cooker pan and close lid and heat till steam starts evaporates


Now place the coconut sheel filled with puttu mixture on the nose of cooker like this


steam it for 3 to 5 minutes covering a plate or banana leaf and its ready…..


Unmould this and serve with channa curry or any spicy curry



*The procedure may seem lengthly,but trust me…its very simple when you start preparing it….
*in case you dont have the puttu container or coconut shell ,the other way is just mix the flour and coconut together and put them in a container and steam it,i have never tried this but i have heard from others doing so……
* instead of salt water for moisting use coconut water(the water which you get when broken) mixed with salt…. a light sweetness of the coconut water enhances more taste…….. 
*keep 2-3 coconut sheels ready so that you can complete the process one after the other
*when your puttu is getting steamed ,you can also cook anything inside the cooker like vegetables,dals…
*I have served puttu with crab gashi you can serve sugar also

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