31 Oct

   A easy and very tempting recipe of sandwich made from small chuncks of boiled chicken pieces  and sweeetcorn in creamy white  sauce…..
   This sandwiches if served cold will be very delicious to eat….I just love this….
  For same recipe boiled egg pieces can be used
   For vegetarians use finely choppped carrots, capsicum and peas…
   Please enjoy this mouthwatering creamy sandwich…

(3 sandwiches can be prepared)
•6 Sandwich bread slices/normal
•1/2 cup boneless chicken pieces
•1/2 medium onion chopped finely
•2tblsp sweetcorn
•2pinch pepper powder(according to your taste)
•Salt a pinch
•2tblsp mayonnaise
•1tblsp fresh cream
•1tsp ghee/ butter
•Butter for tosting bread slices


▪clean and wash chicken pieces and cut into small pieces, boil this in water till cooked with a pinch of salt , drain water and keep aside
(You can also boil big chicken pieces and then make pieces/shreads out of it)
▪Grill bread slices or heat a tawa apply butter on both sides of bread slices, frythis till golden brown or according to your preference, remove and keep aside, follow the process with other bread slices also
▪heat pan add ghee, onion snd sweet corn saute for 2-3min and remove
▪now in a widemouth vessel add chicken piece, sauted onion and sweet corn, mayonnaise, cream, salt and pepper beat well till it forms a creamy consistency and refrigrate it for 30 min(for coldness)
▪Now spread this on one tosted slice of bread and close with the other slice of bread
▪Your creamy sandwich are ready to taste
▪serve with ketchup

* instead of cream u can also use milk or water
*vegetarians can buy veg mayonnaise and exclude chicken in the recipe
*you can use it without refrigerating it as I love it cold I have done so…
*The same filling can be used inside chapati and can be served as roll, kids will definitely love this



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Posted by on October 31, 2015 in BREAKFAST RECIPES, NON VEG STARTERS


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