29 Oct

Rawa ladoo/laddu is a quick and easy recipe which can be prepared in 15 minutes….a perfect sweet for festive season….
   This recipe is as easy as that anyone can prepare this, there is no need of making sugar syrup or no tension of not forming of ladoo as compared to other ladoo rrcipes…
  This recipe is one of the best recipe which is quick and easy to make rawa ladoos….
  You can make ready rawa ladoos within 15 minutes… impress your guests  and family with these quick rawa ladoo …

(Use same measuring cup)
•1 cup semolina / rawa / sooji
•1/2 cup fresh coconut gratings
•3/4 cup sugar
•1tsp cardamom/elachi powder
•1tblsp finely chopped cashew pieces
•1tblsp raisins
•4tsp ghee
•1/4cup or little less warm milk(approx)


▪Heat kadai or nonstick pan add ghee, when heated add sooji fry this on medium flame for 5 minutes
▪ add coconut fry well for 2-3min
▪add cashewnut pieces and raisins mix well
▪ add sugar according to taste, I have added 3/4cup
▪mix well for a minute
▪Sprinkle 3-4tsp milk, mix well
▪Now switch off gas
▪Add elachi powder and mix well
▪Now try to shape ladoos, if its dry you can sprinkle little more milk so that it becomes moist and you can shape ladoos easily (shape ladoos when warm)

* with this recipe I made 15 small sized ladoos..
*ladoos become hard outside moist inside when cooled or within few minutes
*these ladoos can be reserved outside for 2-3 days, then need to be refrigrated
*use the same cup for measuring




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