20 Oct

  A healthy southindian breakfast using ragi flour and urddal batter….
  I have spread this thickly to make uttappam, the same batter can be used to make thin dosas, spread the batter thinly and cook both sides….done ur dosas are ready with the same batter
  So choice is your to make dosas or uttappam….


•1/2 cup urddal/split black gram
•1cup ragi flour
•1/2cup rice flour
•Salt as needed
•Water to make batter
•Oil to drizzle

For vegetable mixture (mix all in a bowl)
•1greenchilly finely chopped
•1 grated carrot
•2 tblsp chopped coriander leaves
•1 finely chopped onions
•A pinch salt

▪ soak urddal for 2 hours then grind to fine paste and ferment this for 6 hours
▪ mix all the ingredients mentioned under vegetable mixture and keep aside
▪now mix ragi flour, rice flour, salt, and urddal batter to a thick batter using water as required and set aside for 10 minutes
▪heat dosa griddle, pour a laddle full of batter lightly spread spread vegetable mixture 1-2tsp on top drizzle oil on top and sides and cook with lids closed on low flame
▪ cook both sides till done
▪Serve with chutney

* this recipe can be made instant also, no need to ferment urddal batter grind and use immediately but add a pinch of soda to the batter…
▪here I have made uttappam using fermented urddal batter
▪ the same batter can be used to make thin dosas also for that you have to dilute the batter little and spread the batter well and take dosas..



ragi Uttapam

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