15 Oct

Soya masala is a very easy recipe which is prepared in a jiff….
  Soya as we all know its rich in nutrients, its value is equal to nutrients present in non veg food….. so for vegetarians its best food..
    You can prepare many dishes with this simple item….soya chunks can be used in biryanis, pulav, currys, manchuri, even burji can be prepared….
Soya comes in different sizes, here I have used mini verity…



•1cup mini soya
•1medium onion chopped
•1 medium tomato chopped
•1tblsp oil
•2tblsp Coriander leaves chopped for garnishing

For grinding (grind to fine paste using water)
•1/2cup coconut grated
•1tbsp roasted gram / putani / hurigadale / kadle pappu
1tsp kus kus/poppy seeds
•8 flakes garlic
•1/2″ ginger
•1tblsp chilly powder
•1tsp garammasala powder
•1 tblsp coriander powder
•1/2tsp jeera powder
•1/2tsp turmeric
•1 / 2tsp tamarind(optional )


▪ soak soya chunks in warm water for 15min, squeeze excess water and keep aside
▪Grind all above ingredients mentioned under grinding to fine paste
▪Heat kadai add oil heat this add onion and tomato together fry till translucent then add masala paste fry well
▪Add little water according to thickness desired, boil
▪Add salt and soya chunks , close lid and gave it a nice boil
▪Serve garnished with coriander leaves chopped

*thick curry tastes delicious
* this recipe is suitable with white rice, chapati’s, naan,puris,rotis,rice roti, pundi/undi/rice kadbbu, ghee or jeera rice…..



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