10 Oct

Eggless Dates Cake Recipe .. is a easy and very quick cake recipe which I have come across, no much ingredients, no much blending required as compared to other cakes ….I hope you you all will enjoy making this with a flavour and taste of dates…..This recipe will be a winner at your home, kids will love this…


•1cup all purpose flour /  maida (135 gms)
•18/20 Dates deseeded(i have used brown dates, black dates can also be used)
•3/4 cup warm milk(185 ml)
•1/2 -3/4 cup granulated sugar(I have used more then half cup and less then 3/4 cup)
•1/2 cup refined oil(125 ml)
•1tsp baking soda
•1tblsp chopped nuts like walnuts and cashews (optional)


▪Soak dates with warm milk and set aside to make it soft for 1hour(If its black dates no need to soak).
▪Sevie maida and baking soda together for two times so that it combines well without any lumps
▪In a mixy jar add sugar and dates milk mixture and grind to fine paste
▪Now remove this to a bowl, add oil and give a nice stir until oil completey mixes with dates mixture.
▪Now add maida mixture mix well till it completely blends well
▪If its too thick you can little milk to get consistency of cake
▪Now at this stage you can add nuts and mix once, I have not used here.
▪Preheat oven at 170 deg at convection mode.
▪Meanwhile grease the pan with butter or oil dust flour and add prepared cake batter, tap once so that any air bubbles goes
▪Now bake the cake at 170 deg C for 35-40mins(Check after 30mins then proceed accordingly).
▪Check by inserting a knife or fork at the center of the cake, if it comes out clean then your cake is done.
▪Cool down the cake completely on a wire rack and then cut into slices. Enjoy the cake..


*The colour of cake may varry due to dates colour….so don’t worry if your cake looks dark or light in colour
*baking time and degree may varry from oven to oven so please check cake after 20mins…
*I have used IFB microwave convection mode….
*The cake is slightly moist, very softwith a unique flavour of dates.
*Using of nuts is fully optional as my kids don’t like nuts in their cake I have not used any
*Brown dates are little harder so soaking them is a must, but black dates need no soaking is neded..
*those who don’t Take have microwave or OTG can cook this in a pressure cooker and fill about 1 1/2 inch with sand or rock salt ,place the cooker plate above the sand,remove the gasket and close the cooker and heat it in high flame for 10 minutes ,now keep prepared batter in the greased and floured cooker container and gently place it over the plate inside the cooker,close the lid and don’t place the whistle,keep the flame in high for 5 mins then simmer the flame to lowest possible and check after 40 mins..



Eggless Dates Cake

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