10 Oct

  This is simplest dessert recipe I have come across…..this recipe involves no bake no cook….easy to prepare and tasty to eat… Even kids can prepare this recipe when ever they like…
   If you are in a cooking competition without fire then a perfect recipe I can say


(This makes around 10 equal choco coco balls)

• 15 Marie biscuit powdered
•2 tblsp butter
•2tblsp sugar powdered
•2 tblsp coco powder
•2 tblsp dessicated coconut
•5-6 drops of vanilla essence
•5 tblsp condensed milk
•Few cherries for decorating (optional )
•1tblsp dessicated coconut for decorating

▪ coco powder mixture -(mix sugar powder, biscuit powder, coco powder, dessicated coconut and keep aside)
▪ blend butter and vanilla essence to creamy texture
▪Add coco powder mixture
▪ add condensed milk and mix to a dough
▪now make balls out of this or according to desired shape and size
▪roll this in dessicated coconut snd place cherries and decorated before serving


*You can add condensed milk little more if your dough is hard and balls are breaking…



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Posted by on October 10, 2015 in CAKES, DEESERTS OR SWEETS


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