05 Oct

This is a soft, spoongy, fluffy dosa…..where dosa batter is prepared without any type of dal or bread in it ….
I don’t know why this dosa is called bread dosa…maybe because its very spoongy and fluffy and white as bread ..
   I had seen this in a food show, which I found interesting and gave it a try and believe me the result is awesome….
Here I have served dosa with coconut jeera chutney..recipe as follows


•1 cup raw rice
•1tsp fenugreek seeds/methi seeds
•1/2cup beaten rice/phova
•3/4 cup well beaten curds(don’t use sour curds)
•Soda a pinch (optional )


▪Soak rice and methi together for 3-4hrs
▪Just before grinding wash phova
▪Drain water and use the rice for grinding
▪Grind this all together with curds to a fine batter by adding little water at times
▪Let the batter be thick just like idli batter
▪Ferment this for 6-8hrs
▪At the time of making dosa add soda (optional ) and salt mix well
▪Now heat a dosa tawa,heat it well pour a big laddle full of batter lightly spread just one spresd is enough, drizzle oil at sides and leave to cook for a minutes
▪You can see pores existing, now cover lid and cook on medium flame till done
▪This dosa is cooked one side
▪serve with chutney


Coconut Jeera chutney</strongimage


•1cup grated coconut
•2 greenchilly
•4 flakes peeled garlic
•1/2tsp cumin seeds
•1tblsp coriander leaves
→Grind this altogether with water to form chutney….

* don’t use sour curds while grinding as we ferment the batter there are chances of batter becoming more sore..

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