04 Oct

This is crispy sweet dish which is prepared by deep frying … This is usually prepared during festivals of Ganesh chaturti and deepawali…
   This is a popular sweet known in different names  like KARJIKAYE / NEVRI/SWEET GUJIYAAS / KARANJI…


•1cup all purpose flour/maida
•1/2cup sooji / semolina / Rawa
•1laddle hot oil
•Oil for deep frying

For Stuffing

•1cup Dry coconut grated/ dessicated coconut
•Dry fruits 3 tbsp(optional I have not used here)
•1/4 cup sugar or according to individual taste
•1 tsp cardamom powder
•1tblsp black til


▪In mixing bowl add maida , rawa, salt and heated oil, mix well till all the ingredients combine well.
▪Add enough water and knead to stiff dough like poori dough.
▪Cover and keep aside for 30 minutes.
▪For Making stuffing:Combine all ingredients mentioned under stuffing and keep aside…
▪now divide the dough into equal parts
▪Roll out each dough ball in to  a small  poori and keep aside
▪Now place the filling mixture on the centre of roti
▪Apply some water on one side and close ,seal it gently by pressing your fingers .
▪See that it is sealed well otherwise the stuffing will come out while frying
▪Repeat the process with rest of the balls.
▪Make sure that gujiyas are covered  under cloth till frying.
▪Heat oil in kadhai, fry karanji’s over medium flame till it becomes slightly brown.
▪Spread it on tissue paper so that excess oil is absorbed allow it to cool and store in airtight container..
▪Can be stored for 10-12 days




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