26 Sep

A healthy breakfast recipe….
  Here a thin Dosa is prepared using urd and rice batter and a stuffing is done with sprouted moong masala and served with chutney and sambar….try this yummy filling breakfast…


•1cup urd dal
•2cup dosa rice
•1cup poha /beaten rice
•2tblsp chiroti rawa/fine rawa
•oil to drizzle

▪ soak rice urddal for 4-6hrs
▪grind both with beaten rice to fine thick batter
▪ferment this for 6-8hrs
▪Next Day add salt and rawa mix well without lumps and add this to dosa batter mix well
▪ heat dosa griddle, and spread a laddle of batter as thin as possible
▪Drizzle with ghee/oil
▪Fry both sides if needed
▪Now fill the moong dal filling and flod as shown
▪Serve this with chutney or sambar or enjoy with MoongMasala stuffing itself..


•1cup sprouted moong
•1onion chopped
•1tomato chopped
•1slit greenchilly
•5flakes garlic crushed
•7-8 curryleaves
•2tblsp coriandaer leaves chopped
•1/2tsp turmeric
•3/4tsp chilly powder
•1tsp garammasala powder
•1tsp dhania/ coriander powder
•1/2tsp jeera/ cumin powder
•1/2tsp jeera/cumin seeds
•1/2tsp mustard
•3/4cup water
•2tsp oil


▪Heat a pan add oil, musturd seeds, jeera let this pop
▪Add curry leaves, crushed garlic, saute well
▪Add onions fry awhile add tomatoes fry this too for a second
▪Add all powder masalas fry well
▪Add sprouted moong, water boil this with lid closed
▪Cook this till moong is cooked(it takes nearly 8-10 min)
▪Atlast add salt and coriander leaves mix well and use…

* this moong masala can be used as a side dish to with chapati or rice..




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