19 Sep

Chakuli is nothing but Murukku….This is a crispy deep fried teatime snack which can be prepared and stored for 15 -20 days ….
Actually this are prepared during festivals like Diwali,Ganesh chaturti,… and stored


•1 cup raw rice
•1/2-1/4 cup urd dal
•2 heap full thin phova/beaten rice
•2 heap full of roastedgram/putani/hurigadale/kadlepappu/daliadal
•2 tsp jeera/cuminseeds
•1 laddle full hot oil
•oil enough for deepfrying


▪wash rice and dry this on a cloth by spreading equally, dry this under running fan for 8 hours or so..
(I wash in evening and spread on a cloth and dry this)
▪Now heat a kadai on medium flame and fry this rice till there is slight change in colour and rice starts to pop..
▪Now remove this to plate and cool
▪Now in the same kadai fry urd dal on medium flame till golden
▪Remove this to plate and cool
▪Now add rice and urddal to mixy jar and make fine powder out of the two
▪Mean while heat kadai and add enough oil for deep frying
▪Now remove this to a bowl,add remaining ingredients like jeera,salt, hot oil and mix well…
▪Now add water to form a tough dough ,knead well
▪Now put this inside the greased chakuli mould and press as seen in picture and deep fry till crisp and golden in colour..
▪chakuli are ready
▪cool this and then store in airtight container

*you can add 1-2tsp of chilly powder,1tsp white til ,hing a pinch also to above dough
*usually I dry washed rice at night inside our room where we sleep as fans are on and it saves unnecessary waste of electricity…


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Posted by on September 19, 2015 in DEEP FRIED ITEMS(VEG), SNACKS


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