14 Sep

Rawa idli is a easy and simple recipe to prepare,
Here roasted rawa is mixed with curds and some vegetables and steamed in idli moulds…
   For the same recipe you can use chopped beans ,carrots, peas to make it more healthy…
         This is a instant recipe, which tastes just like resturents and even try the cocount chutney which is little differently prepared from our regular coconut chutney recipe, this chutney is usually prepared by northcannra people ,which can be also used with dosas regular idli….the taste is just awesome…don’t miss to try chutney recipe of mine…
best suited on festival days and fasting days as we are not supposed to eat dishes made from rice ,onion garlic..
     This recipe was shared by my friend Grishma(Homemade Delicacies)….which I found very easy and delicious too….Thanks Grishma for the delicious recipe…

•2cups wheat rawa/sooji/semolina
•1tblsp oil
•1tsp mustard seeds
•2tsp channadal /bengalgram dal
•1/2cup grated carrot
•2tblsp chopped coriander leaves
•1 chopped greenchilles
•1 tomato
•A few curryleaves chopped
•1tsp grated /finely chopped ginger
•1tblsp cashews
•1cup curds
•2tsp eno or 1tsp baking soda
•Salt according to taste
•little oil for greasing moulds


▪ slice tomatoes and keep aside
▪ fry cashews till brown and keep aside
▪ in the same pan fry rawa on low heat for few minutes till you get nice aroma
▪ remove this to a bowl add salt and eno ,mix well
▪ now to the same pan add oil, heat this add mustard seeds let it pop then add channadal fry till light brown add curryleaves, ginger, greenchilles fry this and switch off gas
▪Now add this to rawa mix well
▪Now add curds, carrot, coriander leaves mix well
if the batter is thick add little more curds or water can be used…
▪Now heat the idli cooker
▪Grease the idli plate, place a fried cashew  then a tomato slice and then add rawa batter -2tblsp
▪Now steam cook for 20 min
▪leave this to cool awhile then demould and serve..
▪Serve this with coconut chutney…

• 2greenchilles
•1cup fresh grated coconut (only white part)
•1small piece ginger
•1/4cup water
•1/2tsp oil

▪ boil water add greenchilles chopped, cook till slight colour change in chillies
▪fry ginger in oil
▪Now grind coconut, greenchilles(don’t add much water) and ginger all together to a fine paste
▪Your delicious chutney is ready




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