11 Sep

  A simple and easy egg curry…. here boiled eggs are used in a thick masala prepared using coconut…..
   This simple and easy masala which goes well with plain rice or any flavoured rice like jeera rice, gheerice,
   This delicious gravy also goes well with bread, dosas, idli, or any indian flat bread(roti, paratha, chapati’s, naan)…..


•5 boiled eggs cut into halves
•1medium onion chopped
•1 tblsp oil

For the masala
(Grind all to fine paste)
•2tblsp fresh coconut
•1tsp coriander seeds/dhania
•1/2 tsp cumin seeds/jeera
•1tblsp chilly powder
•1/2tsp turmeric powder
•2 inch cinnomon
•5 cloves
•1tsp khus khus
•1/2tsp sauf/anise seeds
•1inch piece ginger
•5 flakes garlic
•2 tomatoes
•8 leaves pudina
•2tblsp coriander leaves

▪ heat a kadai and oil, fry onions till brown
▪ add masala cook well adjust water according to thickness(don’t add much water)
▪add boiled eggs
▪give a good boil
▪garnish with coriander leaves and enjoy.

* here I have not fried any ingredient for grinding, if you want you can fry all ingredients mentioned for extra taste and aroma..


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Posted by on September 11, 2015 in EGG, NON VEG CURRY


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