08 Sep

Seer fish is also known as Anjal/Surmai/vishon…..This fish are very famous in coastal areas….
  Here I have tawa fried fish….you can also deep fry this or use it in curries..


•5/6 pieces of fish
•1tblsp everest tikkalal chilly powder
•1tsp turmeric
•1tsp gingergarlic paste
•1/4tsp jeera/cumin powder
•1tsp limejuice/tamrind paste
•A pinch hing/Asafoetida
•Salt according to taste
•Chiroti rawa/fine sooji according to necessity
•coconut oil according to necessity


▪ clean fish and wash well
▪ mix all ingredients mentioned above well except chiroti rawa, add little water to form a smooth thick paste
▪apply this to each slices of fish
▪marinate this mixture for atleast 1hour
▪now spread rawa on a plate
▪heat a pan /tawa add 2tblsp oil
▪roll fish in rawa see that it covers completely and add this to frying pan ,fry this closed for 4-5minutes on medium flame
▪Now slowly turn it and cook other side for 5 more minutes
▪now your seer fish is ready to eat…crispy outside and soft inside..

* you can also fry fish without rawa
*adding chiroti rawa makes fish more crisp and stays crisp for longtime
*you can replace coconut oil by refined oil….but coconut oil for fish goeswell…



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Posted by on September 8, 2015 in FISH, NON VEG STARTERS


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