29 Aug

The leaves which we use here for preparing dangar/ambode are known as tikkilo(in konkani language ) which we get only during rainy season…..
Tikilo is ‘chagate’ leaves in kannada language….
This leaves are just like methi leaves but little bigger in size… abundantly found here and there in rainy season,….Now adays during the rainy season,some stores provide this leaves on demand,…
If you don’t get this leaves don’t worry you can prepare this fillters using other leafy vegetables….
AMBODO/AMBADE is a crispy deep fried item with ground masala and chopped leaves in it….tastes very delicious crispy outside and soft inside….
Various ambodos can be prepared using cabbage,onion…but we use tuvardal instead of urd dal in this..
The same recipe can be used with other leafy vegetables like palak, amarnath leaves, drumstick leaves, mooli/radish leaves, colocasia leaves ..


•2cups chopped leaves of your choice /tikilo (in konkani language)
•1/2cup dosa rice
•1/2Urad dal /tuvardal
•18-22 byadagi redchillies
•a small piece of tamarind
•Hing a pinch
•2tblsp Rice flour
•Oil for deep frying


▪Soak rice for atleast one hour.
▪dry roast urad dal till light brown.
▪grind the batter by adding rice, urad dal, red chillies,tamarind, salt,hing and very little water to make it to a very thick paste.
▪Now in a bowl mix both the masala and chopped leaves
▪Heat oil in a kadai. for deep frying
▪Make medium sized balls from the collard greens mixture and flatten a bit.
▪Now coat it with rice flour and deep fry till holden and crisp(fry on medium flame).
▪remove on absorbent paper so that excess oil is removed..
▪Serve hot



* here I have made ambodes of tikilo
* You can replace urd dal and add piegon dal and soak both rice and dal together then grind…here no need of frying the dal..
* here I have used fried urddal ..
*The same recipe can be used with other leafy vegetables like palak, amarnath leaves, drumstick leaves, mooli leaves..

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