27 Aug

   This is trational konkani recipe prepared on festivals or in functions….where shevay/Semiya is prepared at home using ground rice batter then boiled it to thick lump then steamed and then made into shevay and served with coconut jaggery milk….. it involves lots of work and needs lots of patience but final output is a delicious mouthwatering combo ☺…
   Here to prepare this a particular machine is used where the prepared rice dough is kept and pressed to rice noodles…This is called shevay danthe in konkani language or semiya machine …this equipment is easily available in the market or else you can also use our regular chakuli maker with noodle plate in it (plate with lots of holes)…


•3 cups boiled rice
•1 cup soona masoori rice


▪Wash and soak both the rice together for 8 hrs
▪Grind it to smooth paste by adding water in grinder
▪Add Salt
▪let the consistency  of the batter be little thin then the regular dosa batter..
▪Transfer this batter in a heavy bottomed greased (apply a tsp of oil so the batter won’t stick)   kadai 
▪heat this on high to medium flame ,keep on stirring till it becomes  a  big lump …
▪Divide  this lump into small balls or any shape like oval but see its easy to enter inside the mould (make balls when little cooled)
▪Steam these balls in idli  steamer for 20 -30minutes.
▪Check these balls by inserting  a knife,if it comesout clean then it is ready
▪Immediately take single balls put inside greased shevai mould and start making shevai keep a plate below while pressing…
▪immediately close the idli steamer lid don’t allow  the balls to cool otherwise your shevai wont be proper
▪when removing balls dip your hands in cold water so that your hand doesn’t burn or else you can use spoon to take balls but be quick and careful
▪repeat this with remaing rice balls…

* when shevai is ready spread this on a wet cloth (squeeze excess water)….this helps shevai to stand into strings..
*If you are using only 1 kg sona masoori rice then add 1 medium coconut while grinding no need of using boiled rice then and rest all the procedure remains same

* i prefer the above  boiledrice method very easy to make ..
*serve this shevai with pickle & coconut oil, or with any spicy curry (cashew /potato humman), or with coconut jaggery milk…

•1/2coconut grated
•Jaggery according to sweetness
•1/2tsp Elachi powder
•A pinch salt

▪ add grated coconut to mixy jar with water and remove its milk with the help of filter,…this is thick milk
▪Now again add the coconut extract with little water and again filter this to get thin coconut milk
▪Discard the coconut extract (which is in filter) use only its milk
▪Now mix both with jaggery, salt and elachi powder mix till jaggery dissolves
Serve this with shevay…


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