25 Aug

A quick, easy , delicious, mouthwatering starter recipe…..its awesome continental dish in which shrimps/ prawns are fried with butter, garlic and pepper…. which gives a good aroma to the dish, here in this recipe we don’t use any other types of spices as it changes its taste…
     Its a non spicy lipsmacking dish…..which is very much loved by kids,and even elders love this … the same recipe can be used for chicken also….
  Try this quick,easy recipe of prawns in my way…


•15 jumbo/tiger prawns ( devein and washed )
•1/2lime juice
•11/2tsp pepper (or adjust to individual taste )
•3tsp butter
•1tsp oil
•1/2tsp maida(optional )
•1tsp cornflour
•5flakes garlic finely chopped
•3tsp onion finely chopped
•1tsp spring onion finely chopped (used only green)
• 2tblsp water


▪first marinate Shrimps/prawns with lime juice, salt and 1tsp pepper powder for 15-20 minutes
▪ After marination time sprinkle cornflour to this, mix well till it coats well
▪heat a pan add 1tsp oil and add 1tsp butter add marinated prawns fry for 3 minutes or till it changes colour to light orange..
▪Remove this to a plate and keep aside
▪In the same pan add remaining butter just when it melts add garlic, fry till you get a nice aroma
▪Add onions fry till translucent(onions should be crispy)
▪Now add remaining pepper powder,maida, salt if needed
▪Mix well add little water so to get a saucy texture, mix and boil once
▪Now add fried prawns mix well till all sauce coats to the prawns well…
▪Garnish with spring onion greens and enjoy your delicious butter garlic pepper prawns…
* Use freshly crushed pepper you can use more if desired
*let butter melt lightly




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Posted by on August 25, 2015 in NON VEG RECIPES, NON VEG STARTERS


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