17 Aug

Its a delicious ,lipsmacking chicken masala made in natti style using coconut milk and ground masalas served with a particular type of rice roti….
Kori Roti Masala is a Traditional dish of bunts community ,this particular combo of rice roti and chicken masala is served in every funtions and parties among them…
Here Roti is very crispy, very thin, brown or light brown in colour .. these rotis are not our regular wheat flour roti or rice flour roti, chapati, it is made using rice paste on a long hot tawa, spread very thinly then this is dried in sunlight for more crispyness..but now lots of technology(machines) have been introduced to prepare this so no worries in preparing this at homes ,you can buy them from any stores its easily available now….
When these crisp rice rotis are served with thin chicken masala , its tastes is awesome..
There is a procedure to eat this ….
first place roti in your plate crush them lightly then pour chicken masala on it and enjoy this heavenly combo….


•1/2kg chicken
•1tsp oil
•1tsp ghee
•1″ cinnomon
•2 cloves
•2 cardamom pods
•1 bayleaf/tejpatta
•6 garlic crushed
•2medium onion sliced
•1/2tsp turmeric
•1 spring curryleaves
•1 cup coconut milk

•2 tblsp Oil
•4 tsp coriander/dhania seeds
•5 byadagi chillies
•5 guntur chillies
•1tsp cumin/jeera
•8 seeds fenugreek/methi seeds
•5-6 blackpepper corns
•6 garlic crushed
•1 medium onion chopped
•1 spring curryleaves
•1/2tsp turmeric
•A small piece of tamarind


▪wash chicken and keep aside
▪ heat a pan add oil, and fry all the ingredients adding one by one mentioned under except tamarind grinding on medium flame till you get good aroma
▪ cool the above and grind this to fine paste using water.
▪In a vessel add oil +ghee heat it, add cinnomon, cloves, cardamom, tejpatta, crushed garlic, saute all awhile
▪Add onions sliced, salt fry till light brown
▪Now add cleaned chicken fry till half cooked.
▪Add turmeric, curryleaves, ground masala, mix well
▪Add a glass of water, salt, boil well with lid closed for 5-6minutes or till chicken is cooked
▪Add coconut milk again boil 5 more minutes with closed lid till it boils
▪Serve with kori roti…

* rice roti is store bought
*if you want can garnish with fresh coriander leaves


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