16 Aug

This is a yummy street food which we get to eat, Nowadays even in some hotels this tasty bread masala is served… A perfect recipe for bread lovers…❤
Bread masala is made with bread cubes and blend with a simple masala to give a spicy malasa taste ,this is just like our bread upma…
      you can also prepare this recipe with leftover bread which is laying untouched in the fridge…
     Bread masala can be eaten for breakfast or teatime snack….but eat this immediately after preparing as bread becomes soggy if kept for long time….
  I prepare bread masala in two ways , here is one recipe,which is easy, tasy and quick….
Both are lipsmacking recipe try this and enjoy…


•1tblsp ghee
•1/2 tsp mustard
•2 tblsp cashewnut
•4 medium sized chopped onions
•2 medium tomatoes
•2tblsp chopped coriander leaves for garnishing
•some raw onion chopped for garnishing
•One loaf bread chopped into pieces

•2tblsp grated coconut
•2cloves garlic
•4 fried byadagi chillies
•1″ cinnomon
•1tsp coriander seeds


▪ Grind all the ingredients mentioned under masala paste to coarse paste uding little water.
▪ Heat kadai add ghee, add mustard let it pop
▪ Add cashews, onion fry till pinkish
▪Now add tomatoes fry well till its jucy
▪Add masala, salt mix well for 2 minutes
▪ add bread pieces fry well till it coats well with the onion masala
▪Serve this immediately garnished with chopped onion and coriander leaves chopped..



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Posted by on August 16, 2015 in BREAKFAST RECIPES


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