15 Aug

    Prawns biryani a delicious onepot meal,….
    Prawns also known as Jhinga, sungat, .. is a delicious fish without thorns, so many people love this to eat….
While cleaning prwans make sure that you remove its black thread(a thick vein) present inside , you can remove this using a fork by pulling it , wash it under running water for 2-3times then proceed..
I love to prepare dishes madeout of rice, as it is a onepot meal and saves time inside kitchen….
Here I have tawa fried marinated prawns and then used it in rice and masalas…. did it in little different way taste is just awesome….try and enjoy..
  I prepare prawns biryani in two ways this is one way of preparing ….
Try this its very yummy Prawns biryani recipe is as under…


•1cup prawns(devein and washed)
•2 tsp ghee
•2 tsp oil
•2 pieces of cinnomon
•4 cloves
•1star anise/ starflower
•1tsp fennel seeds / sauf
•1/2 bayleaf/tej patta
•3pods cardamom
•1 medium onion sliced
•1 medium tomato chopped
•1/2cup pudina leaves
•2tsp coriander leaves
•1/2tsp chilly powder
•Salt accordingly
•1cup basmati /normal rice

•2 greenchilles
•1″piece ginger
•6/8 flakes garlic

•1/4tsp gingergarlic paste
•1tsp limejuice
•1/2tsp chilly powder
•2tsp oil for shallow frying prawns


▪ First marinate cleaned prawns with the ingredients mentioned under marination for 15-20 minutes
▪Grind a fine paste with the ingredients mentioned under grinding
▪If you are using basmathi rice then wash and soak it for 20 minutes
▪Now heat a pan or tawa, add oil 2tsp and shallow fry marinated prawns till it changes its colour to slight whitish…
▪Now heat cooker add oil and ghee heat it
▪Add all whole spices one by one fry awhile
▪Add in onions fry till translucent
▪ Add tomatoes fry till jucy
▪Add above ground masala paste fry till raw smell disappears
▪Add pudina, coriander leaves, chilly powder saute this well
▪Add tawa fried prawns, salt
▪Add rice(drain water and use) fry awhile
▪ Add 11/2cups water, boil and close lid
▪Take 1whistle and keep on sim for 5 minutes…
▪Enjoy prawns biryani with curds raitha…


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