12 Aug

I have tried to make falooda dessert an easy and quick recipe using available ingredients in our kitchen…..
       Kesar falood– a simple yet lovely dessert drink with saffron flavored thick milk , fresh fruits,  vanilla icecream and served with some dry fruits…….served this chilled and enjoy..
      Actually falooda semiya/noodles are made from cornflour dough which consists some work in preparing it, but here I have used our regular wheat semiya (MTR VERMICELLI) so that we can prepare this dessert very easily and as soon as possible…
Rose syrup or rooh afsa is used in preparing faloodas but I have not used here because everyone won’t have it ready in their kitchen (if available then can use)
    Falooda always needs sabja seeds which is also called as sweet basil seeds, which has to be soaked before using it do that it puffs well…
    Prepare this yummy ,quick and easy dessert recipe during family get-togethers,kitty parties or during kids birthday parties….this recipe needs no much time once your falooda milk is ready….

•500 ml milk
•2tblsp MTR vermicelli
•1tblsp sabja seeds
•3 tblsp sugar
•1 tblsp custard powder mixed in 1/4cup water (vanilla)
•1tsp ghee
•1tsp honey
•1tsp kesar / saffron
•1cup Mixed fruits(banana chopped, apple chopped)
•2tblsp cashew pieces
•2tblsp raisins for garnishing
•500 ml vanilla ice cream


▪ soak saffron in 2tblsp milk
▪ soak sabja seeds in 3/4cup water for 30 min
▪Add honey to chopped fresh fruits and refrigrate this in airtight container or else you can use fresh fruits chopped while serving
▪Heat a pan add ghee ,add vermicelli fry till golden along with cashews, remove this to a plate keep aside
▪Now in the same pan add milk boil this, now to this add sugar, soaked sabja seeds, semiya and cashews mix till sugar dissolves
▪Add in custard powder paste, keep stirring this so that it doesn’t get burnt.
▪Now switch off gas and add keasar milk mix well and leave to cool…..this falooda milk/kheer can be enjoyed as it is or chilled if you don’t want to prepare further falooda…This falooda milk looks as below picture…This is also very tasty to eat..


▪Now once ur falooda milk is ready cool this and  refrigrate…Use this when you require
▪Now take a long glass start placing your falooda
▪add 1tblsp chopped fruits,(here you can use rose syrup if you have it), add abig laddle of falooda milk then add a scoop of vanilla icecream and atlast garnish with raisins(dry grapes) on top…
▪Serve chilled as soon as it is ready


* can add tuti fruity along with fruits, I have not used as I was not having it..
* fruits of your choice can be added or you can omit fruits if not liked….I like falooda with fruits so I have made this way..




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