11 Aug

   This is a delicious one pot meal using leftover items in my refrigerator….
Its very easy and quick recipe…I can say a best recipe for working women bachelor’s and busy moms..
      Here I have used methi/fresh fenugreek leaves, capsicum, and corn….
     This delicious rice recipe can even be taken in your lunch box or kids tiffin box…
    This easy, quick and delicious recipe is as follows…


•11/2cup rice
•1bunch methi leaves
•1/2 capsicum cubed
•1cup corn
•1medium onion cubed
•1tomato chopped
•8-10 leaves pudina
•1tsp gingergarlic paste
•2tsp coriander leaves
•1/2tsp chilly powder
•1tsp garammasala powder
•1tblsp oil


▪ grind tomato, pudina, coriander leaves, greenchilles to a fine paste
▪ wash rice and soak for 15min
▪ heat cooker add oil, onion cubes,  fry awhile
▪Now add capsicum, corn fry this well
▪add gingergarlic paste fry well
▪add Methi leaves
▪Add in Chilly powder, garammasala powder saute well
▪add drained rice fry well for 5 minutes
▪ now add water 3cups, boil this
▪When boiling add salt and tomato paste
▪Mix and check salt
▪Close and take 2whistles
▪Methi Capsi Corn Rice is ready to eat with tomato onion raitha or with cucumber sliced..




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Posted by on August 11, 2015 in RICE ITEM, VEGETERIAN RECIPES


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