08 Aug

Punjabi chole /channa masala is a lipsmacking easy side dish recipe,which is a fantastic combination with bhatura, pooris , chapati’s, naan…
Its my familys favourite breakfast I can say..
   This are prepared on special occasions at my home as  Bhaturas are made of maida but I often prepare channa masala or chole with pooris or chapati’s..
To get the authentic dark colour in channa masala,I have used tea bags while boiling channa…if it is not desired you can omit it…
  Bhatura recipe is already mentioned in my previous post , here I am mentioning channa masala recipe with making of fresh aromatic channa or chole masala at home…
   Follow below recipe and enjoy northindian punjabi food at your homes


•1cup kabul channa or white chick pea
•1bay leaf
•2 finely chopped onions
•1tsp gingergarlic paste
•1/2tsp chilly powder
•1/2tsp dhania powder
•1tblsp channa masala/chhole masala
•1 tomato
•3 slit greenchilles
•1/2 “ginger grated
•1tsp Kasurimeti
•1/2 tsp chat masala
•1/2 tsp amchur powder
•3tsp oil
• 2tbldp coriander leaves chopped
•Lemon wedges for serving
•Onion rings for serving


•1tspCoriander seeds/dhania
•1tsp cumin seeds / jeera
•1 ” cinnamon
•2 cloves
•2 Black cardamom/badi elaichi
•1green cardamom/elachi
•2 dry red chillies
•5-6pepper corns
•1tsp fennel seeds/sauf
Dry roast all ingredients cool this and make powder out of it..your channa /chole masala powder is ready for use..


▪ wash and soak channa overnight with enough water so that it can increase in its size
▪ next day drain its water and add this to cooker with enough water(21/2cups), bayleaf,1tea bag, (optional this is for colour), salt….cook for 5 whistles. When your channas are boiled once cool check it…it must be very soft when you press it ,it must get mashed well otherwise your recipe doesn’t taste good…if its not cooked, cook channa again because some channa take very longtime for getting cooked.
▪Grind tomato with 2tblsp of boiled channa and keep aside
▪Heat kadai add oil, add gingergarlic paste fry
▪Add onions fry till transperent add chilly powder, dhania powder saute well
▪Add channa masala powder fry for atleast 3min on low flame
▪Add tomato puree, greenchilles, ginger and salt
▪Add boiled channa cook 5more minutes
▪At the end add amchur powder, kasurimeti and chat masala…
▪garnish with coriander leaves
▪Serve with Bhatura ,lime and onions rings


*this channa masala goes well also with pooris and chapati’s
* You can boil channa without tea bags also
*if tea bags are not avsilable don’t worry add 1tsp tea powder in a small cloth ,tie it tightly and use this.
* I have used boiled channa while grinding because it makes our dish little thick
* channa masala or chole is same but in chole we use black chick peas then nothing else change in recipe..
* for Bhatura recipe click here




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