07 Aug

   Various types of dal can be prepared…among them one is methi dal….
    This dal is made using fresh fenugreek leaves and tuvardal / yellow lentils..
    Lentils is a pulses which is rich in nutrients and protiens as we all know and it is one which is always available in our kitchen…
   Fenugreek leaves/methi leaves is a leafy vegetable which is rich in iron. This leafy vegetable which is strongly aromaticand flavourful is rich in vitamins and minerals, prevents diabetes, reduces cholesterol,..
Methi leaves are bitter in taste so many people don’t like its bitterness….but when you cook methi leaves with dal you can’t find its bitterness
so try preparing dal this way and enjoy its benifits..


•1cup tuvardal / yellow lentils
•1cup chopped methi leaves
•1tsp oil
•4 flakes garlic peeled and chopped
•2greenchilles chopped
•1tsp chilly powder
•1/2tsp turmeric
•1/2tsp cumin seeds
•2 broken red chillies
•1pinch asafoetida
•Salt according to taste


▪wash and soak lentil in water for 15 min then add to the cooker with water, turmeric and 2drops oil..boil and take 3-4 whistles….cool this..
▪Heat kadai add oil,cumin seeds, let it pop
▪Add garlic, greenchilles, broken dry red chillies, hing fry this awhile
▪Add chilly powder again saute this for a second
▪ Now add in methi leaves fry this for 3-4min
▪Add boiled and mashed dal to this boil this for 5more minutes with salt
▪Now methi dal is ready to relish with hot rice or chapati’s…

* wash methi leaves well in running water then chop this, if its steam is tender then u can use it otherwise throw it..
* usually the consistency of dal will be thick (depends on your liking)
*greenchilles can be used chopped or slit..



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Posted by on August 7, 2015 in SIDE DISH, VEGETERIAN CURRIES


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