05 Aug

Everyones favourite Manglore Buns /Banana Buns /puris……This is a famous teatime or breakfast recipe in southcanara district usually served along sambar and coconut chutney …. 

    These Buns are crispy outside, mild sweet ,soft, fluffy inside We use ripe bananas along wit other ingredients which makes the puris /buns sweet, soft and fluffy….

 The Manglore buns tastes good even without any accompaniment.. Do try this and enjoy with your family..

      Its very easy to prepare… when ever i see a fully ripe banana (which is not in the condition of eating fully ripe..)first flash to my mind is this ‘manglore buns’
   My families favourite….
I have learnt this from many but was never getting fluffy soft Buns like this before…
   Once I had visited my hubbys granny I saw her preparing buns dough for evening snack I watched here making and noted… After 6hours when I saw the dough it had raised well, she made buns and served us with tea…
    When I tasted it, it was so fluffy, soft, delicious, perfect sweetness and could see a cotton texture when broken into pieces…
    After coming from there I tried her recipe for making buns…it was just perfect.
    Here I am sharing her recipe of making manglore buns …hope you to like this amazing buns..


•Maida according to the need while making dough
•1 tblsp gramflour (chickpea flour)
•2 fully ripe banana
•1/2 cup curds
•1/2 cup sugar or according to sweetness
•1 tsp soda
•1 tsp jeera (optional )
•Oil for deep frying


▪ take a big vessel add curds,soda mix vigorously till it foams
▪Add salt sugar mix well with hands till sugar dissolves
▪Add bananas mash well
▪Add maida, gramflour mix to this to form a huge soft dough,  if its too sticky then add  maida mix and keep aside to ferment 6-8hrs closed….(can grease oil to dough )
▪Now again after 6-8hrs knead dough once again..
▪Make equal balls
▪Dust maida well to the balls and press this to thick pooris using a rolling pin or with fingers.
▪Add enough oil in kadai for deep frying
▪When heated properly add this flattened poooris and slightly press on top (don’t use pressure only feather touch)

▪When golden turn add cook other side in the same way till golden 
▪When cooked both side remove and enjoy manglore buns as it is or with coconut chutney or sambar…


▪ Elakki bananas or Cavendish can be used 

▪If using Cavendish banana used,use only one banana

▪I like buns to be little sweet so I add little more then 1/2 cup sugar you can reduce it or increase depends on individual taste…


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  1. Tejaswini Lingayat

    November 14, 2016 at 4:25 am

    I would like various receipes in mu mailbox



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